Balloon House Ears


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~These Ears are PERFECT for ANY Pixar UP FAN! Need something colorful and so much fun to wear at the parks or just to show off your love for Disney? Look no further! These Up Ears are Adventure Proof!!
Beautiful, bright colors to show off the lovely balloons. Has the most beloved characters and of course Pom Poms to make the balloons, POP!

~Hand sewn, custom UP fabric with colorful trim to show off your true colors of Adventure!

~Headband is 1 and 1/2” wide.

~Included and the most fun part of these ears is the Grape Bottle Pin, which means you’re in the club!!

~These ears are handmade and DO NOT come from a Factory. We try very hard to make these perfect just for you! They may look slightly different.

~BowdaciousMommas does NOT own rights to Disney. These are Disney/Pixar Inspired Ears

~We would love to see you wear these on your magical adventure! Don’t forget to post a picture while making a review!

~Shipping: US orders are shipped priority in a 13X10X1 box, the ears are safely wrapped in plastic then wrapped with bubble wrap.

International Orders: Shipped first class in a 13X10X1 box,then wrapped with bubble wrap.

????We LOVE custom orders! Have any ideas? Please do not hesitate to message us!

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